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Our Grooming Services

We Provide dog grooming services and cat grooming services. Your pet will get personal attention from our staff. Come and find out why more and more people in El Paso Texas are making Barks N Bubbles Grooming the preferred groomer of their dog or cat. Keep your dog or cat healthy, happy, and energetic and schedule today!

  • Hair cuts help a pet stay cool.
  • Preventative Tooth brushing.
  • Flea treatments for hygiene.
  • Clean pets are happy pets.
  • Grooming helps your pet stay healthy.
  • Something about pets.

Pet Grooming in El Paso

El Paso, TX can be a very hot place, a place where pets welcome a good grooming session. We know that your pet is going to love our Pet Grooming Services. When in comes to pet grooming in El Paso, TX no one comes close. We are all about quality, safety, tender loving care when it comes to your pet.

Dog Grooming in El Paso

Give your dog a pleasant surprise. Bring them for dog grooming in El Paso!We provide full grooming services for dogs. Everything from a bath to teeth brushing and everything in between. Taking your dog regularly to the groomer helps keep your dog happy and healthy. If you need a dog groomer come and bring your dog to Barks N Bubbles Grooming. We'll take care of your dog.

Cat Grooming

At Barks N Bubbles Grooming we also take care of our feline friends. Our best in El Paso cat grooming services in El Paso Texas range from bathing and brushing your cat to nail trimming and everything else in between. If you are looking for a cat groomer then search no more. We love cats, we have great prices, and we are sure your cat will love our cat grooming services.

doggie haircuts, bathing, and other pet grooming services available in El Paso, TX.

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Dog Grooming In El Paso, TX
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