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Professional animal grooming

For better grooming

Communication with your groomer is a must. We want you to be happy with your grooming and for you to come back to let us be your pets best friend and groomer.

As pet owner you must know your pets best, so please let us know of any health conditions, infections, skin allergies, hip problems, arthritis, ear infections, or if your pet is aggressive or needs special attention. We want to make your pet as comfortable and happy as we can for their grooming experience.

Notify your professional groomer of any special haircuts or changes you would like to make in your pets grooming. Don't forget to keep your pet happy and healthy by grooming them regularly!

El Paso Packages for grooming

All of our packages include cologne bows, bandana, and nail polish at no extra charge (when available):

Full Grooming Package - $45 and Up.

This is for a small to medium dog and Includes:

  • A bath
  • Full haircut (with clippers or scissors)
  • nail trimming for your pet
  • professional ear cleaning
  • anal gland express
  • teeth brushing

Basic Package - $40 and Up.

For medium to large short hair dogs like bull dogs, pit bulls, etc and Includes:

  • A bath and Brush
  • nail trimming for your pet
  • professional ear cleaning
  • anal gland express
  • Small trim if necessary taking off uneven ends

Bath and Brush Package - $35 and Up.

For chihuahuas, pugs, min pins, ect and Includes:

  • A bath and Brush
  • nail trimming
  • anal gland express
  • ear cleaning

Prices in El Paso, TX. Please note that pet grooming prices are estimates only. All Puppies must be vaccinated.

Commonly Asked Pet Questions

1. How often do I need to groom my pet?
Every four to six weeks. Pets hair grows half inch every four weeks. Bathe pet only once a month.

2. What are the anal glands on my pet? Anal glands are two small sacks on the sides of the pets anus that collect a fouled liquid and need to be expressed monthly to prevent infections (Scooting its rear or foul odor are signs they need expressing)

3. How often should my pet be bathed? Only once a month. If a pet is bathed more than this oils needed in their skin are being removed which can lead to dry itchy skin, ear infections, and tangling and matting of pets hair.

4. Why does my price fluctuate? Prices all depend on size, hair type, hair length, condition of hair, how often your pet is groomed, the behavior and cooperation of your pet and how time its hair cut calls for.

5. How do I maintain my pets skin healthy after shaving? There ar hydrocortisone sprays and creams that can be applied to your pets skin. Ask your groomer for any recommendations. ( owner is responsible for after care of shaving )

6. Why do my dogs ears smell? Your pet might have ear infections or ear mites.

7. Can I tip my groomer? Yes, this let's your groomer know you were happy with their services.

Animal grooming in El Paso Tx.

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Dog Grooming In El Paso, TX
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