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We are the only Grooming Salon in El Paso Texas that provides grooming coupons and discounts ranging from 5% to 10% for your pet. Call us for more information on these discounts and pricing. Coupons can be found in El Paso vet clinics, pet shops, and feeds. We always welcome first time customers and just for giving our salon the opportunity to give your pet a great spa day, your furry friend will receive a Thank You gift on their way out.

We Are Pet Groomers In El Paso To Serve You

Our Pet Salon provides unique add on services to your pets already great grooming package. These add on services are designed  for your pets needs and comfort during El Paso's hot weather and cold season.
Choose any of our Package services that best fits your pets needs. Or make your own package by choosing a specialty shampoo and two other add on services for the same great price. >

Package #1 Short Coated

* De-Shedding Shampoo
*Sun block
*Pad, Nose, Elbow Moisturizer

Package #2 Long Coated

*Silk/Mink Oil Treatment
*Facial scrub
*Moisturizing Coconut Milk & Aloe Shampoo

Package #3 The Stinky Dog

*Baking Soda and Oatmeal Shampoo
*Dental Spray treatment
*Oooh LaLa Fragrance collar

Package #4 The Hot Dog

*Sun block Treatment
*Cooling Herbal Mint Shampoo
*Flea and Tick Preventative

Specialty Shampoos

*HYPER ALLERGENIC SHAMPOO- Formulated for pets with allergies and sensitive skin. No fragrance, tearless and leaves coat healthy and shiny
*DE-SHEDDING SHAMPOO- Reduces excessive shedding and rejuvenates coat by loosening the undercoat. Promotes healthy skin and shiny top coat.
*CLARIFYING AND BRIGHTENING SHAMPOO- Gentle brightening shampoo for all colored coats. Leaves coat healthy and shiny by deep cleansing and cutting threw accumulated residue caused by oils, minerals, adn medications.
*BAKING SODA AND OATMEAL SHAMPOO- Powers away dirt and odors while soothing skin. Deodorizes and fights odors while washing away unwanted oils and dirt. Removes dead skin cells exposing softer and smoother skin.
*OATMEAL AND ALOE SHAMPOO- Benefits sensitive, dry and irritated skin .Provides superior moisture and anti itch properties. Aloe vera soothes redness and reduces inflammation.
*COOLING HERBAL MINT-Cools and rejuvenates skin and coat. A combination of spearmint and tee tre providing the ultimate refreshing bath experience. Contains vitamin A and E to fortify coat and skin.
*RE-MOISTURIZING COCONUT MILK AND ALOE SHAMPOO- Contains natural coconut milk and aloe vera to provide ultimate coat and skin conditioning. Leaves coat silky and adds shine and luster.
Did you know that most pets, dogs in particular, like showers and other grooming services? So let's make your pet happy! 

Extra Add On Pet Services

*DENTAL RINSE TREATMENT- Coats teeth to prevent and reduce plaque and tartar buildup and accumulation. Soothes minor gum irritation and freshens breath.
*PAD, NOSE, AND ELBOW MOISTURIZER- Soothes dry cracked pads on paws. Rejuvenates and soothes irritation and prevents bacterial infections. Made with soothing chamomile to heal hot spots and softens calluses. (non-toxic)
*SUN BLOCK TREATMENT- Blocks and protects the coat from harmful  UV-A and UV-B rays. Absorbers into coat for maximum protection to prevent dark coats from fading
*FACIAL SCRUB- Soothing tearless facial cleanser. Refreshing fragrance and is made to brighten tear stains and exfoliate facial skin.
*MUD TREATMENT- Deep penetrating mixture detoxifies the skin removing dead skin cells and soothing itchy or inflame ted skin. Enhances circulation.
*SILK/MINK OIL TREATMENT- Gives hair deep down sheen and luster. conditions skin and coat while adding vitamin E. Non-stick and eliminates static and fly-away hair.
We are specialized for pet grooming in El Paso.  We are the best choice for your pet.

Pet Grooming - El Paso

Here at Barks N Bubbles we are pet lovers with 15 years plus experience and understand animal behaviors. We try to keep your pet as happy as accomplish this we recommend for your pets to be groomed every 4 to 6 weeks. Also pets are happier when they don't have to wait in a cage any more time than they have to. There for we recommend that pets be picked up no later than an hour after being notified for pick up. Please make arrangements with your pet groomer ahead of time if not able to pick up on time.

The Best El Paso Pet grooming services.

We do Pet Grooming in El Paso.

At Barks N Bubbles Grooming we really take care of your Pet. Our grooming services cover all types of pets. We groom dogs and cats but we also have grooming services for other pets like rabbits,guinea pigs, and ferrets. Our pet grooming facility is located in El Paso TX. We are on 550 North Yarbrough Suite #107. Bring your pet to us and keep him or her happy and healthy. Barks N Bubbles Grooming; where "We shower your Pet with Love."

As careful as any groomer can be Barks n Bubbles Grooming is not responsible for any accidents that can occur from grooming (nicks, cuts, razor burn, hematomas etc....). These risks are higher on pets that are older, tangled, excessively matted, aggressive and dogs that are not groomed regularly. Some dogs can even get stressed, strokes, heart attacks or even death when removed from their normal environment. As groomers we want what is best for your pets health. If your pet cannot go threw with their grooming or become restless, we will stop the grooming process and notify the owner.We will either send the pet home (Fees do apply and price will be waved due to how much grooming work was accomplished), the owner can help hold the pet to finish the grooming or incase of emergency the pet will be taken to the nearest vet clinic at the owners expense.

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